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SBI HRMS Portal Login| IRJ @ sbihrms

SBI HRMS Portal Login: SBI Hrms, State Bank of India & HRMS SBI Portal Login specially is one of the most popular banks of our country. This bank is the first place that customers turn to when in need of an account. The benefits that they offer outweigh everything that the other banks offer. They are known for their excellent customer services; their readiness to help their customers is well known. Not only are they customer friendly, they also provide exceptional services to their employees and to their retired personnel. They have developed a special portal for their employees and controllers called the SBI HRMS Portal that is an all in one stop for everything related to their work at their employment. SBI HRMS or sbihrms stands for human resource management solutions. The employees and controllers can access the following information through this portal. know all about hmrs sbi from here @ hrms.onlinesbi .


  • Salary Slip
  • Loan status, if any
  • Pension slip
  • Pension plan
  • Holidays at the bank
  • View details of their respective accounts like balance
  • Add nominations and many more features.

There are two types of accounts that an employee can opt for:

  • SBI HRMS SAP Login / HRMS SBI SAP Login @ sbihrms
  • SBI HRMS IRJ Login/ HRMS SBI SAP Login @ sbihrms

SAP login deals with capital management, performance of employees, e-learning and other branches. It also has a section dedicated to the progress of the employee.

Also, check Sbi credit card status online from here


  • Click on the login button.
  • A security question will appear on your screen. It is mandatory for you to answer the question right to proceed to the login page. Answer the question and click on the continue button.
  • Give your username and password. Make sure that your credentials are correct. If you are an employee of SBI and do not have your account details, please contact the IT department for your username, password and instructions for setting up our account. If you are concerned about your security, use a virtual keyboard to type in your credentials.
  • Once you have entered the correct username and password, click on the login button.
  • Now you get access to all the amazing features that come with the HRMS portal. Want to add nominations for your account? The procedure is just a few small and easy to understand steps.

Not just this, SBI also offers a mobile application called MYHRMS, which offers the employees access to their respective accounts from anywhere and at any time. This application is basically called ‘No Queue Mobile App’ that gives their employees access to everything related to their word details. To go to their official website, please visit and if you want to access the HRMS portal then visit for more details. This proves that SBI is taking a dedicated effort to help their current employees and their retired employees, help them continue their amazing experience with SBI and sbihrms @hrms.onlinesbi.

The employees of State bank of Hyderabad (SBH), State Bank of Mysore (SBM), State Bank of Travancore (SBT), State Bank of Karnataka (SBK) and State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBBJ), also get to use this portal as they are the associate banks of the State Bank of India. They have taken an effort to improve their services and also make them available to as many employees as possible. This effort of theirs is commendable. They are one of the most well known banks of India and they have earned this title. They have taken genuine steps towards serving their customers. Here, customers include both their employees and the common man. So, if you have not used their services yet, then please do so. Do not wait any longer. You are missing out on amazing features and opportunities.


SBI Credit Card Status Track SBI Credit Card Application Status Online

SBI Credit Card Status: checking sbi credit card status online is simple now-a-days. you can directly check sbi credit card status online from here. SBI Credit Card Credit cards are a great way to make purchases, especially sbi credit cards reduces the cost of expensive debt and fetches benefits like cash backs and rewards. Although there are several companies both national and international that provide credit cards through different schemes, it is up to the user to decide and opt a suitable credit card of his choice. check SBI credit card application status online from here.

Sbi Credit Card Status

SBI Credit Card Application Status Online:

check sbi credit card status online from here. checking SBI Credit Card Status Online is very easy just follow the steps When it comes to the local Indian market, needless to say, the most reliable public sector bank, state bank of India is unanimously the best choice for most of the citizens in the country. Even though there are strict competitors to SBI, last year in 2016 it managed to serve more credit cards to new as well as existing customers when compared to its rivals. check all clarifications about sbi credit card and sbi credit card status online from here.

Benefits of opting SBI credit card:

  • Reward points redemption
  • Balance transfer
  • Balance transfer on EMI
  • Flexi-pay
  • Encash
  • Easy money
  • Accident protection
  • Hospital care.

Before applying for any credit card, in particular, SBI credit card (SBI Credit Card Status Online), you should meet some eligibility criteria to own a credit card. These prerequisites are framed under eligibility criteria. State bank of India issues these credit cards if and only if you meet their eligibility criteria. Under no circumstances, SBI credit card will not be issued if you fail to meet certain conditions and so you can not check SBI Credit Card Status.

Steps For Checking SBI Credit Card Status in Online:

SBI Bank Credit Card applicants can easily track your sbi credit card status by following below given steps.

Step- 1: AT first, visit the SBI Official Website

Step- 2: Search for the link “Track Your Application.”

Step- 3: Then click on “Check the status of your application” tab,

Step- 4:  Enter your application number of your credit card.

Step- 5: in case if your Application Number is lost, then you can check option Retrieve Application.

Step- 6: Later on, you need to enter your Date of Birth which is same as on PAN Card.

Step- 6: now the final step is Click on Retrieve button and check Status of your SBI Card status application online.

Eligibility criteria for salaried individuals:

  • Age eligibility criteria

The applicant must be aged 21 or above when applying for a credit card with state bank of India. On the other hand, the applicant must not be beyond 60 years of age.

  • Credit score eligibility criteria

A credit score is a reward given to individuals to spend frequently in a given month. The more the credit score, the better are the chances of acquiring SBI credit card. Individuals can check their credit score using online resources or through apps. Doing this will ensure confidence to the applicant before applying for a credit card.

  • Regular source of income

To obtain SBI credit card or to check sbi credit card status online, the applicant should earn basic salary requirement prescribed by state bank of India. Though the exact figure on monthly income will be disclosed by bank individuals during application submission, it is a hard guess. check sbi credit card status online from here.

  • Pan card, AAdhar card or any valid card issued the government of India should be carried for proper identity verification.
  • Address proof
  • 1 passport size photo.
  • Salary slips of last 2 months.

Eligible Criteria For Individuals:

  • The age criteria for the SBI credit card applicants should be above 21 years and not more than 60 years of age
  • It is highly recommended that the applicants should maintain a healthy credit score. If the credit score is beyond permissible levels, you can escalate your credit card limit frequently.
  • Self-employed applicants must meet the minimum salary requirements drafted by state bank of India during credit card applying.
  • The applicant’s should carry a valid AAdhar card, driving license or any government issued ID’s.
  • IT returns for the last two months.
  • A residential proof.
  • 1 passport sized photo.

Eligible Criteria for Students:

Issuing an SBI credit card for students follows a different approach. A credit card is issued with a limit depending on the amount of fixed deposit he pays towards the bank during card applying time. The more the fixed deposit, the more are the chances of getting a credit card with the great limit.

The applicant must be a citizen of India and must have crossed 18 years when applying with state bank for credit card. He must possess a valid college ID card. He should carry birth certificate, residential proof, college enrollment proof and 2 colored passport size photographs.

SBI credit cards are dedicated for:

  • lifestyle
  • rewards
  • shopping
  • travel and
  • Bank partnership

Once the bank verifies the applicant’s required documents, they can select a wide range of SBI credit cards depending upon their purposes.

  • SBI premium credit cards.
  • SBI travel and shopping credit cards.
  • SBI classic credit cards.
  • SBI Yatra credit card.

The moment the SBI credit card application processing starts, the applicant receives a unique tracking ID via SMS to the registered mobile number.

SBI credit card dispatch status(SBI Credit Card Status Online):

The applicant can login into his SBI card account at or can email to check the dispatch status. You can also reach out to SBI by dialing their helpline number 1860 180 1290.

Any of the below-mentioned documents can be carried as a proof of identity at the time of card delivery.

  • Passport
  • Pan card
  • Driving license.

To use SBI credit card during purchases, it must be activated prior before using it. The card is disabled unless it is activated by card holder for security purposes. To activate SBI credit card, you can login into your SBI credit card account. Once the card is activated it can be used for various purposes. Do comment below if you have any doubts regarding SBI credit card status or on sbi credit card status track. Happy shopping have a nice day!!!!


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